QUANTUM video intercom systems and call panels have been successfully represented on the Russian market for more than 10 years. During that time, our technical department staff gained invaluable experience of work with speaker systems, audio and video intercoms and had a lot of joint development with partner facilities, located in China and Taiwan. All the models, forming QUANTUM lineup, were carefully selected, tested and refined, so that our equipment always conforms to the highest quality level and fully adopted for Russian users.

Thanks to complete control over the production cycle: from working with SMD-machines to final assembly and testing, - we are absolutely sure about the quality of our equipment. That is why we are glad to inform you about extension of warranty and free service for the whole lineup of QUANTUM intercom systems and call panels. Warranty period for QUANTUM equipment (produced after January the 1, 2016) has been extended to 38 months. Beyond the warranty period, we provide 10 years of free service.

We are always opened for our customers, thus we strive to develop our products, considering all the suggestions and recommendations. After final assembly all the equipment proceed through three phases of testing. First two of them are done immediately in the production facility: compulsory testing of every unit before packaging and spot check after all preparations are finished. All the testing is performed under full control of our technical staff. When arrived to our production facility, all the equipment proceed through the third phase of a random check.

Moreover, the whole QUANTUM lineup has to pass mandatory testing for stability and compatibility with any products of other brands. That allows our customers to easily integrate our equipment in any already existing system.

Wide model range or QUANTUM intercom systems in different housing and various colors, from budget category to lux models, with the display from 4.3” to 10” guarantees the best option for every site. QUANTUM soft-closers is a simple and robust devices, which provide more than 500 000 cycles of opening/closing the door and works stable up to -40⁰C

QUANTUM - your trustworthy choice! 

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