AccordTec – is a trademark of “Accord-2001” LLC, working on the Russian security market since 1995

The beginning of the “Accord-2001” LLC activity is marked with the release of the first own-produced electromagnetic lock ML-194 in Russia, which proved itself as a perfect example of quality and reliability. Today our company is a leader in production of different modifications and wide variety of electromagnetic locks.

Accord-2001” LLC focuses on production of:
  • Electromagnetic locks 
  • IPS (Independent power supply) 
  • SPS (Stabilized power supply) 
  • Master controllers for electromagnetic and electromechanical locks 
  • Readout device 
  • Access control systems and other technical security equipment and accessories

“Accord-SB” is an exclusive distributor of “AccordTec” TM

ACCORDTEC - proved quality and excellent price!

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